Thursday, April 3, 2014

Plastic Cards - No Minimum Order - Small Quantity

Did you know that your small business can get gift or store cards in small quantities? Yes that's right!

With Just Enuff Cards, you only buy what you need --- which is perfect for the small business budget!

Not laminated
thermal printed
free shipping
fast turnaround
no minimum
small quantity
lowest price!

get Just Enuff ----

Plastic Memorial Cards

Why not get Plastic Memorial Cards for your loved one? It's a great way to honor them by getting the latest design and text on a card that's 100% plastic, with bright, vibrant colors that last!

Just Enuff Plastic Memorial Cards are the lowest price you'll find, and with no minimum order, there is no need to get more than you need!

Just Enuff Cards has a variety of designs to make that special person even more memorable. You just choose a design for the front, a text or poem for the back (or supply your own), and provide details (name, dates and a color photo), and Just Enuff will print cards that are bright and long lasting.

Just Enuff Plastic Cards are not printed with ink, but with layers of plastic film which are heat-transferred to the plastic below. There is no paper layer so they don't peel, get soggy, nor bend. The colors are bright and glossy and last longer than cards printed with ink.

You can also order Plastic Memorial Cards with magnets on the back!

Take a look at the sample designs at for ideas on how to get memorial cards for your loved one that are really special.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Transparent Plastic Business Cards - No Minimum - Small Quantity - Lowest Price - Canada

Don't order hundreds (or thousands!) of cards if you only need a few --
Get Just Enuff Cards!

Sleek designs to choose from
No Minimum Order
Lowest Price you'll find anywhere on Small Quantities
Fast Turnaround
FREE shipping (US & Canada)

Transparent Plastic Business Cards are the hottest way to show you have style worthy of being remembered by the most influential clients --

Get only what you need, at the lowest price out there, delivered fast -- from Canada!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

PVC Plastic Business Cards - Small Quantity - - Free CAN & US shipping

PVC plastic business cards
small quantity
no minimum order!

lowest price
highest quality

30 mil thickness (like a credit card)
full color on front
optional black on back

FREE shipping to Canada or continental US addresses
Other destinations please check our website for shipping cost!
Fast turnaround and overnight shipping available

Just Enuff Cards prints only on the highest quality PVC plastic using thermal transfer of plastic film colors.
This is not the same process as ink printed cards which wear out. Our cards have only plastic colors and a clear film layer on top.

Plastic business cards don't peel, bend or get soggy, and you can add black QR codes to the back that store any kind of text you wish.

If you work in a high end profession, you owe it to yourself to get stunning business cards that really make an impression, and aren't easily lost or tossed!

No matter what kind of cards your business needs, you only pay for Just Enuff!

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